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NAME: Angela Ross
IG: @angelarossphoto

1. Tell us about yourself! How long have you been a photographer?

Well, I’m sure like most, my interest started as a child. My mom taught me to shoot manual when I was in high school on her old Minolta. My mom has always thought of photos as an important thing and I think the same thing today. I got an SLR about 15 years ago and replaced it with my first DSLR in 2005 and instantly signed up for several classes at the local junior college to learn more about it. The passion grew from there.

2. What does Motherhood mean to you? I feel like I’m supposed to say, “Loving someone more than you can love yourself.” And that is true. But being a mother, you’re so much more. I don’t know that I realized how big the job was until I got it. But I feel like I have a duty to raise this little guy to be the person he wants to be and hopefully along the way, instill bits and pieces of me and his dad, let him take that and create something new. But I do know that what my aunt once said definitely holds true. “Being a mother means never going to the bathroom alone.”

3. So you were a florist before becoming a photographer! Have you found connecting points between those two passions? Oh, well I do love macro photography – and if I do it, it’s always floral related. I’m sure when my son is older and totally put off by my camera, I will turn to that. I was a trained floral designer. So, part of that was to study composition, symmetry, asymmetry, balance, color, rule of thirds. All phrases and words that sound familiar to most photographers (and artists). So really, it was just applying things I already knew to a new medium. I don’t think I applied those things on purpose initially, but looking back I see that I didn’t do such a terrible job of unintentionally using them. Good ol’ muscle memory, I guess.

4. We love seeing the gorgeous photographs of your son! What is are some of the best and worst things about being a mom to one child? This is a tough question. I think the obvious answers are being able to afford to do things or give him more being an only child. But from a my perspective, I hope it creates a close relationship. I think the obvious worst things is that he wishes he had a playmate. From my own perspective, I think about the future and how he won’t have anyone to share the burden of two aging parents. I know… it’s morbid.

5. Every year you have come up with a new spin on your project 365 (taking a photograph every day). You tackled the Lensbaby and then mobile photography. Do you have a new 365 project for this year? Tell us about it! I think my current 365 is pushing 75% or more on my 28mm. I forced myself to pull that old thing out of my bag and start using it and fell in love. In fact, I even went out and bought another one that worked a little better. I went for years without even being enticed by new lenses or equipment and this year, I got suckered into three. That 28mm (to replace the old one) and two new Lensbaby lenses. I bought the Velvet 56 and the new Twist 60. I’m having fun getting to know those two. But I think my biggest spin is falling in love with wide angle.

6. Last year you learned and grew with your iphoneography. How has photographing the world around you with a phone improved your other photography?

So, initially, I just typed “no.” to this question And left it. But now I’m back and I’m thinking about how shooting with my iPhone may have inspired me. So here it is… simple images. I think that it inspired me to just shoot and not worry about perfection. It’s pretty rare that I “photoshop” anything out of my images anymore. I try to really take a look at the scene first because with the phone… I wasn’t going to edit anything out. I’m shite at that little finger-cloning tool. Who was that made for? But I think it made me look for simple things happening and I am kind of doing that now. Work smarter, not harder.

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Angela Ross | Featured Artist

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