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NAME: Kirsty Larmour
LOCATION: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


I sometimes think I’m the luckiest Mama in the world… I mean, I get to globetrot with my babies, and run a business that I love and I get to spend my life hanging out with these adorable kids and create beautiful moments that exist both in our minds and memories, and on a camera… it’s pretty close to perfect.


But nothing comes without sacrifices, and without struggles behind the scenes… sometimes we’ve known intense sadness that has awoken an ability to grab beauty amidst all the chaos that life throws at us; sometimes we’ve made hard financial choices to live the way we live; sometimes we’ve had to move away from loved ones, or cope on our own to know and love ourselves deeply enough to be able to know and love others..


I know a little about most of those and they’ve all helped on the path to the life I have now – with a wonderful husband and two spirit filled girls… These things led me to the Mama I have become… they led me on the path to a life that I try to remain fully present in, because what’s the point otherwise? Who knows if we’ll get a tomorrow…. And through remaining present I weave us through our lives…. It’s us to travel, to spend long periods of time on the road; it’s us to collect things on the road to weave into our home life; it’s us to always have those shared experiences and things to hold us together, to create the bonds….


Life on the road is far from the easy carefree wanderings it can seem – sure, it’s full of idyllic landscapes and gloriously happy children running through flower filled meadows… but it’s normal life just the same… groceries have to be shopped for, work needs to be done, the laundry mounts up, tantrums still happen…. and yet I love every minute of it because this is where I am meant to be… with my little loves and for me that’s what a nomadic life brings me… time, with them…. I love the amazing scenery, the incredible architecture, the friendly people and the mouth-watering food that we get to experience far and wide, but what gets held in my heart to be savoured when we get home from any time on the road.. it’s the time with them…  the shared experiences and the fact I make sure I am present, as much as I humanly can…


And that’s how I stay in the frame too… when you see a picture of my girls wrapped in a blanket, it’s likely to have been found somewhere in a dark souk as we travel.  It will have been found together, purchased with limited funds as a collaborative decision, that we’ve all agreed on, and then treasured… when you see their hair plaited or curled… that’s me, spending time, chatting about the day and life as we go… and when you see them dancing through that flower filled meadow… that’s me too, and them, all 4 of us, and the talks we’ve had as we drive across miles about where we want to go next – whether we want it to be a town or a beach or the mountains, and then the planning and hard work we’ve put into getting there.. we are woven through and everywhere…


And when you see me in a photo – well that’s amazing because that’s when I’ve really slowed down, and given over control, and taken time physically get in the frame and to savour the moment….
And when you don’t see me in a photo well that’s amazing too, because that’s probably when I’m TOTALLY in the moment with my little loves and soaking it all up… well that, or I’m doing the laundry!!! 😉

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Kirsty Larmour | At Home

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Kirsty Larmour | At Home

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