Maternity | Mae Burke

NAME: Mae Burke
LOCATION: Rockport, Texas

Today, co-founder, Mae Burke, shares with us how she got in the frame for her last pregnancy every week to document her changing body and growing baby.

My sweet youngest baby turns 3 today (WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!) So I thought I would share her maternity series with you all.
This series was easy to keep up with. I went out to the same wall every week. Had my husband stand in one spot. I took one image closer to the camera, and then went back to the wall for the second image. I opened them both in photoshop and just layered them. I didn’t do the BEST job merging them, but hey, that was almost four years ago 😉 Either way. I now have really awesome documentation, and have funny memories of me and my family going out to get these every week.

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Maternity | Mae Burke

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Maternity | Mae Burke

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  1. Dee Ann

    Your 38 week face is Phoebe all. Day. Long.
    Her sassy pants are worn well by all the Burke ladies!
    ? Happy Birthversary Phoebe! ?

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