Heather Whitten | Breastfeeding


NAME: Heather Whitten
LOCATION: Southern Arizona
INSTAGRAM: @homesweetheather // #hwbftwins
WEBSITE/BLOG: www.heatherwhittenphotography.com/blog
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“I don’t know how you do it.”  is one of the most common things I hear from people when they see me breastfeeding my twins.  I just shrug a little and say that it’s definitely a commitment.  But, it’s one that I have been happy and able to make.  My family figured out right away that this was going to be the most time consuming part of the twins coming into our family.  I spent the majority of their first year unable to do much more than feed them on the couch or in the bed or while we walked through the zoo or the older kids played at the museum.  I’ve sat in many a outdoor furniture areas in Walmarts and Costcos and Home Depots, feeding the babies while Thomas finished up the shopping for me. Or camped out in the Target dressing room for an hour or so a few times when I was out with the kids by myself and the babies were screaming to be changed and fed.  They have nursed on-demand since the beginning.  So, most of the time one stops nursing just in time for the other to want to start and they both would nurse at the same time for naps and bedtime.  Even now, at two, they nurse for a few hours a day and for a huge chunk of the night.  It’s an around the clock job that has been going strong for years and has no end in sight.  
I don’t know many people that would think that breastfeeding twins through toddlerhood would be easy or glamorous.  It’s pretty obvious that I’m a bit of a mess.  But, I’ve embraced it from the start.  I am able to sustain two beings outside of myself with my body.  It’s fantastic.  And, it’s ok that I’m usually sitting on the floor somewhere hunched over and feeding the babies in my lap.  I’m lucky that my husband and children and friends all support me as best they can.  They know that I haven’t slept through the night in three years.  They laugh along with me when I show up in the same shirt as the last time they saw me because the neck is stretched out just right to be able to feed both babies at the same time if I need to while we’re out.  And, most wonderfully, they have never once batted an eye when Fox and Persephone have latched on to fill their bellies or calm themselves while we’ve been in public.  They have helped me to be the strong, confident mother that I am today.  Breastfeeding is so beautifully normal in my world and I love to share my experience on Instagram [#HWBFTWINS].  There are ups and downs and it’s important to stay balanced.  Don’t give up in the down times or get too comfortable in the good times.  Surround yourself with people that love and support not only you but your babes and your choices as well.     

Two items that I would recommend to any breastfeeding mom of multiples are the My Breast Friend Twin Plus Nursing Pillow  and a Sakura Bloom Ring Sling.  The pillow gave amazing support in those beginning months when the babies were tiny and didn’t have any head/neck control.  And, the ring sling not only allowed me to be able to wear one of the babies while caring for the other one or getting things done around the house but it gave me the freedom to be able to walk around in public and feed one of the babies without having to go sit down somewhere.












Heather Whitten | Breastfeeding

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Heather Whitten | Breastfeeding

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